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How much holiday allowance do you accrue?

Your employer calculates your holiday allowance. In general, you accrue 13.5% of your salary in holiday allowance.
Your employer deducts tax before payment to Feriefonden.

How many days of holiday do you accrue?

In general, you accrue 2.08 days of holiday for every month that you are employed. If your employment is shorter than one month or if there are days during a month that you do not accrue entitlement to holiday, you accrue 0.07 days of holiday for each day you are employed.

When you work, you accrue holiday pay as well as days of holiday.

It is also your employer who must notify us about the holiday allowance (the net amount) along with the number of days of holiday that you have accrued. You accrue holiday allowance and days of holiday during the calendar year, which are to be used for holiday starting from 1 May of the following year.

For example, the holiday allowance that you accrue from 1 January 2008 to 31 December 2008 can be spent on holiday starting from 1 May 2009 up until 30 April 2010.

Please note

If you believe that the amount that you have received does not match the number of days that it should have covered, please contact your employer. Only your employer can correct your number of days of holiday at Feriefonden.

Payment one month before your holiday

The holiday pay cannot be paid out until one month before you take your holiday. It can take up to nine weekdays to process your claim from the day that we receive the holiday certificate.
We do not send out information about payment.

We will send you a new certificate

You can include only one period of holiday on each holiday certificate. If you still have remaining holiday after you send us your first certificate, you will automatically receive a new holiday certificate.

If the holiday certificate is not filled in correctly, we will send it back to you. 

You will receive holiday pay according to how many days of holiday you use.

If you do not use all of your days of holiday in one go, we will send you a new holiday certificate in turn stating as to how many days of holiday still remain.
We will continue to do this until you have used all of your days of holiday.

 Where do we pay the money?

Your holiday pay will be paid into your NemKonto ( Easy Account ). We do not send any information about payments.

 If you have accrued less than DKK 1.000 in holiday allowance you will not receive a holiday certificate.
Instead, Feriefonden will pay money directly into your
NemKonto at the beginning of the holiday year.



If you live abroad, i.e. you have left Denmark and have unregistered from the Danish National Register of Persons

- and you have a NemKonto, we will pay your pay into your NemKonto.
- if you have a Danish account other than a NemKonto, we will ask you to contact your bank and request for them to register the account number as a NemKonto.
- if you do not have a Danish account (NemKonto), you must send us a letter with the following information:
• Your CPR number ( (social security number) and your address
• The name of the bank and address
• IBAN No.
• SWIFT code.

  If you live abroad and you are not registered on the Danish National Register of Persons,

- and you have a Danish account, you must inform us of the registration number and account number at your bank.
- and you do not have a Danish account, but you do have a foreign account, you must send us a letter with the following information:
• Your CPR number and your address
• The name of the bank and address
• IBAN No.
• SWIFT code.

If your employer has not deposited any holiday allowance 

- you must first contact your employer in writing before 30 September.
- If you are a member of a union, we advise you to contact them for assistance.

If your employer still has not deposited, you must act before 30 November, either 

- file a lawsuit or
- contact your union, if you are a member of one or
- report your employer to the police or
- contact the
Arbejdsdirektoratet (the National Directorate of Labour) and request assistance.

Remember to send a copy of the letter to your employer and a copy of your payslips or final settlement.

Please note that the National Directorate of Labour is not obligated to collect holiday pay for you.

Your employer is bankrupt or has filed for bankruptcy

If your employer is bankrupt, you can forward a claim to Lønmodtagernes Garantifond (Employees' Guarantee Fund - LG).
You must complete a claims
form that you can obtain on LG's website .
If you are a member of a union, they can help you fill in the form